Lucky 13, Vol. 1


Lucky 13, Vol. 1, the latest release from North Carolina by way of New York City band Yarn, kicks off with a detailed and descriptive barroom scenario and a love-at-first-sight song, the story speaking up with ‘I saw you at the bar, looking like an angel, in a white tube top, tight jeans down to your ankles’. The tale revisits a setting that has been so done before in books and song, and yet the story works particularly well slight rock and twang with “One’s Man Trash” kicking off a record of Roots Rock and groove that nods to songwriters like Willie Nelson and alt-country rock like Old 97’s, where a strong lead guitar is paired with picturesque lyrics.

Guitar leads bounce all around the reflective musings of “Undone” where the singer is self-deprecating and honest in recognizing the world that is beating him down. “Promised Land” is an optimistic number, a hopeful and catchy road song, quickly followed by the woeful and painful reality of “American Dream Dying” and its words, ‘you and me, we can’t agree, and I’ve wasted too much precious time’. “American Dream Dying” works both as a break-up song and a hard look at the relationship between American citizens that share the need belief yet vote on different sides of the fence. “The Road Less Traveled” is a moving train-song brought to life by a bouncy harmonica. Lucky 13, Vol. 1wraps with the contemplative “Old Fool” as Yarn prove they live comfortably in a world of singer-songwriters and bar-room rock.

by Bryant Liggett Alternate Root

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