Lucky 13, Vol. 2


Relix, July 2019. If you’ve been circling the Americana scene for the past decade or so, then you’ve probably run across Yarn. The quartet has been creating “roots music from the shadows of skyscrapers” for some time and, in their infancy, logged countless hours at Kenny’s Castaway in New York’s Greenwich Village. These days, the band is chronicling their time on the road in a monthly “Lucky 13” single series. “The intention was to share the feeling of what it’s like to spend time traveling from city to city, with all the unlikely experiences that can be encountered along the way,” singer and primary songwriter Blake Christiana has said of the project. Here, Yarn has compiled a selection of those tunes into the concert compilation Lucky 13, Vol. 2 , capturing the perfect combination of exhaustion and excitement on tunes like “Weary” and “Livin’ to Die.” The mid-album highlights are sequenced side by side; “Weary” struts forward with a thumping rhythm (from the bass/percussion combo section of Rick Bugel and Robert Bonhomme) and twangy guitar (courtesy Rod Hohl) as Christiana sings, “I’ve been weary, weary for so long/ Ever since you held my heart/ I’ve been out here so long and it’s never been so hard/ So tell me that you want me back and I’ll be coming home.” Sure, he’s probably singing about a companion left behind on tour, but it could also be read as a love letter to those open highways. Indeed, being a touring musician makes you weary, but when you’ve been grinding on the road so long, even the misery becomes your life and your love. “Livin’ to Die” is the hangover to “Weary,” with Christiana fighting to get to Friday night so he can “feel like gold.” Perhaps the most relatable lyric is the opening cry of “Monday morning is a tough pill to swallow.” You’ve got that right, pal. Just keep on workin’ for the weekend.

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