Shine The Light On


Within this 12-track acoustic collection, all written by lead singer Blake Christiana, listeners witness the poignant emotion and emotive story-telling that has come to define the sextet s sound, which straddles the genres of Americana and alt-country, with a dash of jam-band injected on select tracks. "I really wanted to make another acoustic record, focus on the songs, and revisit the early days of Yarn, says Christiana. Some of the best songs we've written live on this record. It's a pretty dark collection, but we are confident you can find the light shining through." John Oates of Hall and Oates appears on two tracks that he co-wrote with Christiana. Oates says, From the first time I heard Yarn perform at Music City Roots in Nashville I became a fan. They have one foot in the traditional sound of bluegrass and the other foot stepping into the future. It was an honor for me to co-write and collaborate with them on their new record. Great playing, great singing and great songwriting, what more is there?

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