Come On In


Come On In finds this Brooklyn-based sextet digging ever deeper into the sounds of classic honky-tonk and bluegrass, with a touch of Gram Parsons-style visionary poetics evident as well. The band’s mixture of down-home acoustic charm and urban-folkie intelligence gives Come On In a unique flavor that grows more appealing with repeated listening. Blake Christiana’s soft drawl captures a weary survivor’s spirit, especially on dusty laments like “Abilene,” “Alone On The Weekend” and “These Bars Don’t Look Too Friendly.” In tandem with his bandmates, he escalates easily from easy-going tempos into hellacious solo flights, especially on the galloping “New York City Found.” Yarn leans towards the lonesome side of town — but even melancholy numbers like “Schenectady” are saved from self-pity by elegant melodies and sharp wordplay. “Down On Your Luck” shakes off the blues for some high-energy fun, while “I Wanted To Get High” is a woozy, bluesy number lit up by Andrew Hendryx’s sparkling mandolin.

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