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old DEMOnS

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Hey everybody, Blake here.  The coronavirus has given most of us musicians an overabundance of free time as well as an enormous lack of income.  I've taken taken this opportunity to dig through the vault for some very raw, unreleased, and mostly unheard demos written & recorded by me during the years 2005 through 2010.  This collection has been curated personally by me, and consists of 14 very raw and spontaneous recordings, never really intended for public ears.  You’ll hear some bus squeaks, some verses repeated because there was never anymore written, some less than brilliant lyrics, and even plenty of off-key vocals, but I think that's what makes this collection so much fun. I understand that many of you are in the same position I am and uncertain when and from where your next paycheck will come. Therefore, this album is available FREE to anyone who would like to take a listen. But for those of you who are interested in helping the band and still are comfortably able to do so, you can pay a dollar, you can pay a hundred dollars, you can pay a cool million if ya want to.  Pay $50.00 or more and I will mail you a hand numbered & signed copy limited edition "Old Demons" CD, and only 250 are being printed, EVER.  Thanks for being the most amazing group of music supporters, we are so lucky and grateful to have the coolest, most loyal, and uninhibited fan base on the planet. I just hope you enjoy this little peak into the past.  Please stay healthy and safe.  More to come...

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